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PAIN talks 2015

We are inviting you to the first QNJPI PAIN talks edition, a conference consisting of short « TED »-like presentations.

The short talks will address the controversies and breakthroughs in the pain field or present inspiring testimonies about pain management.


The awardee for Best Presentation will be offered a spot at the first edition of the North American Pain School (NAPS). Bringing together leading experts in the fields of pain research and management, NAPS was developed to provide a unique educational and networking experience for the next generation of basic science and clinical pain researchers. We offer opportunities for scientific education, professional development, and connections with peers in a setting far removed from the lab and steeped in the character and culture of Quebec. NAPS will be accessible to only 30 North American top candidates yearly.

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PAIN talks 2015

Our Speakers



Prof. Maxime Descotaux

Université de Sherbrooke

"Diffusion MRI tractography for brain connectivity and connectomics studies"


Dr. Max Fehlmann

President and CEO, NEOMED

"Le Hasard et la Nécessité" (The conference will be presented in English)

PAIN talks 2015

Presentation informations

Duration: 12 minutes

Topic suggestions:

  • Controversies, problematics or breakthroughs in the pain field
  • Inspiring testimonies about pain management
  • How a new technology revolutionized pain research or pain management

Presentation format:

  • English or French
  • Your presentation should be innovative, inspiring and educative
  • No lab results

Presentation abstract:

  • 250 words max
  • No lab results

Abstract selection: 10 abstracts will be selected to present at the 2015 QNJPI PAIN talks

Presenters: Presenters must be members of the QNJPI

Talks will be filmed and publicized on the internet. Speakers will have to fill a consent form prior to the event.

See some format suggestion: